Onelife training being used on the street

Onelife training being used on the street

Martin Bell, Retail Director of Devon Air Ambulance Trust Says


Ensuring our staff have the right training is essential. First aid training in any retail environment is a must. On this occasion Amy wasn’t within the work place but was able to utilise the first aid skills she had gained on the onelife training course. We are extremely proud of Amy who kept calm and focused throughout the ordeal.

Amy administered first aid to a holiday maker who fell and injured her head outside the museum in Church Street last Saturday afternoon. Amy dashed to the scene with blankets and towels, remaining with the casualty for over an hour trying to prevent her slipping into unconsciousness. She constantly comforted and did her best to keep the lady comfortable, reassuring her husband the whole time, until an ambulance eventually arrived. Many customers have called into the shop today to praise her. I’m so proud of Amy!

On speaking to Amy to congratulate her, she said:

“I only had the confidence to go because of the first aid course I went on through DAAT!! I’d recommend the course to anyone.”

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