First aid Open Training Courses – Exeter – Safety Measures

First aid Open Training Courses – Exeter – Safety Measures

On our first aid courses we have applied the following measures to ensure the safety of our clients at all times. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


1. Throughout the building there are wall mounted hand sanitizers at each point

2. The building has been cleaned prior to the course and after use

3. Separate doors in the classroom for access and egress

4. All desks are 2 metres apart via markings on the floor

5. Limited to 9 people per course to adhere to the 2 metre distancing

6. Toilets, only 1 person allowed in at any one time – hand sanitizer, cleaning spray, tissues and hot/cold water and paper towels available for use

7. Kitchen, only one person allowed in at any one time – each delegate will be asked to bring their own cup/drinking device, although tea and coffee, water will be provided

8. All desks will have been sanitized

Prior to the course

1. Each learner will have received additional Covid-19 joining instructions, which requires each person to check their temperature on the morning of attending the course, watch the how Covid-19 spreads and handwashing video’s. A copy of the screening questions and if you have any of these symptoms, you should not attend. You need to bring your own drinking cup or bottle, your own pen and a form of ID

The Course

1. All delegates on arrival will be screened and anyone showing symptoms or anyone that should be self-isolating will be excluded from the course

2. All learners will be 2 metres apart during the entire course, unless absolutely needed for assessment purposes

3. Face masks will be provided, these must be worn for any close contact during practical assessment

4. Learners will receive instructions on coughing/sneezing and tissues will be provided

5. There will be hand sanitizer on each desk for each learner; you will be instructed on use of this throughout the course

6. As a company we have invested in new equipment so each person on the course has their own manikin throughout the course as well as their own epipen and tourniquet. They will also have a training pack which consists of face shield, triangular bandage and dressing for them to keep if they so wish. All lungs are placed after EVERY TRAINING SESSION, AND MANIKINS CLEANED FOLLOWING MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS.

7. Adaptions to training can be found on the following link providing Safe, Socially Distanced First Aid Training

Onsite Training

1. We are still able to come to your venue for group training, however, prior to that happening; we will have to ensure that you meet the requirements of our Covid-19 risk assessment for training at external venues. This is to ensure the safety of your staff and our trainers.

If you would like a copy of our risk assessment, please email us on . If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on Carole – 01392 420004

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