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Frequently Asked Questions

It is common to break ribs when you do CPR, you are pushing a third into the body. The ribs are not made to bend this way so it is considered to be a normal occurrence that you would break them and you should be aware it may happen

As soon as you decided to do CPR

First Aid requirements is based on risk assessment. Is your business a low/Medium or High Risk? How many accidents do you have in your accident book?

Ideally you should have a minimum of one on each floor level remember to cover for Holiday and Sickness. 

If you are unsure of the location call 999 and they will tell you where the nearest one is located and the access code.

Yes, the main difference is that children under the age of puberty are more likely to die from a respiratory failure and require more breaths, where an adult is more heart related so requires more compressions.