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Mental Health First Aid: 2 Day

About This Course

Mental Health First Aid: 2 Day

Who’s It For?

This QA qualification is

  • Raise their awareness of the signs and symptoms associated with mental health problems relating to the workplace and in the general public.
  • Be able to actively listen and feel confident to have a conversation with individuals suffering potential mental ill-health.
  • Be able to assist with policy writing and risk assessments for mental health in the workplace.
  • Direct anyone with potential mental health problems to a reliable source of support both internally and externally.

The objective of the qualification is to benefit the Learner by educating them in common mental health problems related to work such as stress, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The qualification includes how to actively listen and have a conversation provide suggestions but empowering the individual to make their own decisions on how to best provide assistance in difficult times. The learner will have an understanding of laws that apply to work place associated with mental health  and in addition know how to assist with making the work environment beneficial to both employer and employee.

The purpose of this qualification is to prepare learners for further learning or continuing professional development in the area of mental health first aid.

Entry Requirements

This qualification is for those over the age of 18 and over who have an interest in mental health first aid and would like to raise awareness of mental health within the work environment and be able to actively listen and guide/support work colleagues. Although this qualification is ideal for those who are line managers or work in human resources department any member of staff should be able to attend this qualification.

Mental Health FA – Course Content:

Day 1

  • Housekeeping/Introductions/Group Agreement
  • Introduce the workbook
  • Understanding Mental Health
  • Understanding Poor Mental Health
  • Introducing The Action Plan
  • Listening Skills SOLER
  • Mental Health Quiz
  • Understanding Stress
  • Signs of Stress in the Workplace
  • HSE Management Standards
  • Stigma & Discrimination
  • Defining Mental Illness
  • Understanding Depression
  • Depression in the workplace
  • Action Plan for Depression Support
  • Understanding Suicide
  • Suicide Statistics
  • CPR for Suicide Risk Assessment
  • Lived experience video
  • Action Plan for Suicide Support
  • Self-Care
  • Homework Task

Day 2

  • Reminder of Group Agreement
  • Review of Homework Task
  • Understanding Anxiety Disorders
  • PTSD & OCD
  • Lived experience video
  • Alcohol/caffeine and Anxiety
  • Understanding Anxiety in the workplace
  • Listening Skills SHUSH
  • Action Plan for Anxiety support
  • Understanding Eating Disorders
  • Lived experience video
  • Action Plan for Eating Disorders support
  • Understanding Bi-Polar
  • Understanding Self-Harm
  • Action Plan for Self-Harm support
  • Understanding Psychosis
  • Action Plan for Psychosis support
  • Focus on Mental Health related Legislation
  • Making “reasonable adjustments” at work
  • Mental Health Core & Enhanced Standards
  • Suporting during absence and return to work
  • Role of Mental Health First Aider
  • Recovery – WRAP, CHIME & Great Dream
  • Action Plan for a Mentally Healthier Workplace
  • Practice through Role Play
  • Assessment/Evaluation

How Long?

2 Days – 14 Hours under guidance of trainer/assessor. Further hours spent in preparation, study including assessment, pre course reading  total of 14 hours. Learners must complete the assessment unit within registration period to achieve the qualification. Maximum period is 3 weeks including any referrals.


QA Level 3 Award in Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace (RQF)


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